«Vvedenskiye Gory» (“Vvedenskiye Mountains”) Residential Complex

Property 1.1A, 2 Sinichkina Street, Lefortovo, Moscow

Project Year:

Project Status:

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
P. Kochnev, V. Ivanov, D. Zhegulina, V. Shlyaga  – Architects

S.Oreshkin: «The building image has been formed due to the limitations such as insolation and surroundings. This territory is surrounded by 5-storeys houses with adjoining historical environment of the 17-18th centuries. Being working as sculptors we have cut away all the unnecessary and formed a very interesting outline».

The complex location on the hilly relief and special insolation graphic has determined it’s dynamic outline which was formed by the slope parapet line. This decision provides not only the illumination norms compliance for the complex itself and the surrounding houses but also allowes to save maximum complex spaces. The residential building includes 24 storeys, the closed overground parking and two-storeys underground parking. Different commercial premises are also situated on the first floor.

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