«Russkiy Avangard» («Russian Avant-garde») Residential Complex

Bld. 17, “Olympiysky” residential block, Voronezh

Project Year:

Project Status:

– Silver Diploma of the “Architecton-2016″ architectural review-competition

Khamin Group of Companies

“VDK” Company Ltd.

Architectural concept:
“A.Len” architectural bureau and “VDK” Company Ltd.

S.Oreshkin  – Project Manager,
F.Oparin, R.Andreeva  – Project Chief Architect,
P.Kochnev, M.Gimnasdinov, D.Uraksin, V.Shlyaga,
E.Kretova, N.Timonin, A.Khramova – Architects.

“VDK” Company Ltd. decided to create residential complex that may fulfill an idea to combine the building architecture, landscape design and territory improvement using typical elements of Russian avant-garde. “A.Len” architects founded the way to implement that idea in the project so that the compositional structure, buildings proportions, facades elements and landscaping concept based on the classical Russian avant-garde got contemporary image.

The following constructions are located on the site: 12 residential sections of the multifamily house (17-26 storey), underground three-level parking lot, all the necessary infrastructure.

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  • vornister says:

    хотелось бы больше деталей! видно, что они проработаны тщательно

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