«Ya Romantic» Residential Сomplex – 550 000 sq m

Site 25, Vasileostrovsky District, St. Petersburg

Project Year:

Project Status:
I construction stage

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager,
A. Weiner – Project Chief Engineer,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
O. Safronova, E. Belyat, P. Kochnev, E. Oreshkina, M. Shalina, A. Khramova, B. Lvovsky,
D. Zhegulina, A. Samorukov, E. Kretova – Architects,
V. Sinukovich – Project Chief Engineer,
S. Veselov – Layout Engineer.

S.Oreshkin: “This is an example of the economy class houses. The facades do not have any extra details, however all the houses are various due to the different colors and individual motives – loggias, ledges and balustrades.”

The linear scheme of the buildings arrangement allows to provide protection against wind from the Gulf of Finland. The complex is divided into two functional zones: residential and commercial. The commercial area with the multifunctional complex is separated from the residential houses by the pedestrians’ alley. 13 buildings of 6-20 storeys are located in the residential zone.

There are schools, kindergartens, sports and playgrounds in the yards. Underground parkings are planned under the residential buildings.

Video of a model of the residential complex 

Video of the raised beach and  «Ya Romantic» residential complex – October 2015

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