“Moya Stikhiya” (“My Element”) Residential Complex

Sector №12, Olginskaya Road, Torphyanoe, Pargolovo settlement, St-Petersburg

Project Year:

Project Status:

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager
A.Weiner – Project Chief Engineer
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Engineer
V.Ivanov, P.Zabirokhin – Architects

Three residential tower-blocks based on the stylobate are located within the district along one line. The stylobate is formed by two car parking storeys. The children’s playgrounds and landscaping are arranged on the parking roofing system.

The following parts are included into the residential complex:

– 3 residential blocks;

– two-level parking lot for 431 parking places.

The concept of these three buildings is nature elements representation: earth, air and water.

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