Territory development concept along the Karpovka river. The project is designed in collaboration with “Iass Architectural Workshop”

The project is designed in collaboration with “Iass Architectural Workshop”

Bld. 31, Litt. “A”, the Karpovka River Embankment, St-Petersburg

Project Year:

Project Status:

“Severnaya Korona” Ltd.

“A.Len” Architect Bureau:
S.Oreshkin – Project Manager
A.Weiner – Chief Engineer
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect
P.Kochnev, E.Belyat, D.Zhegulina, E.Oreshkina, V.Ivanov, M.Hukhina – Architects

“Iass Architectural Workshop” Ltd. : V.Iass – Project Manager

The construction area is located within high-density historical development which dictates the scale and style decision of a new building. Nearby situated buildings were made upon the projects of the following most famous St-Petersburg’s architects: M. Lyalevich (1909-1910), P.Mulkhanov (1908), A.Zazarsky (1910-1911), N.Nikonov (The St.Johnsonian Monastery of 1900-1902), E.Levinson, I.Fomin (1931-1934).

The main building volumes are arranged along the reconstructed Karpovsky alley and parallel to the Karpovka River embankment line. These volumes are connected between themselves by transversal blocks that form 3 yards and 1 atrium-yard (by the reconstructed Pokotilova tenement building). There is also the “yard” block situated in the area depth on the other side of Karpovsky alley. It is connected with the main building volume via the arch that provides the drivethrough for cars and fire-engines.

The main building facade faces the Karpovka River embankment and is formatted by the rhythm of three equal size blocks. These block are made in conformity with the place scale. Two of these blocks are located symmetrically towards the main town planning building axis. This axis is a bisectrix between Chkalovsky Prospect and Ordinarnaya Street axis, which matches with Geslerovsky Bridge axis. These blocks are connected by the arch that opens the central yard – cour d’honneur – towards the river. The court d’honneur also leads via the arch to the depth of the district and connects the embankment space with Karpovsky alley. The eastern yard space is opened towards the St.Johnsonian Monastery. This increases the open-view apartments number and makes the built-in kindergarten playgrounds placement more comfortable.

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