The project of the residential complex on Moskovsky avenue

114, Moskovsky avenue, Saint-Petersburg

Project year:

Project status:

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
P.Kochnev, M.Gimnazdinov, E.Belyat, V.Ivanov, N.Palnikova, A.Khramova, N.Timonin — Architects.

The main project concept is creation of a comfortable environment for residents and visitors of the city block. A key element for area development is a preservation of a historical town planning pattern and an alternation of purposes of monumental buildings as well.

A block of a former “Infant products factory” and buildings behind it and along Lomanaya and Kolya Tomchak streets form a composition of the development area. The buildings have deep courts; one of the courts goes parallel to Moskovski avenue and merges into a fa?ade of a futures exchange building. The other one goes along the axis of Moskovskie vorota athwart Moskovski avenue from Kolya Tomchak street. Lines of the courts have a common point of intersection in a central block, which is a center of the development area composition. The inner space of the complex is organized in terms of historical part of St-Petersburg. The courts of the complex include playgrounds for complex residents and playgrounds for a built-in child daycare centre.

The residential buildings stand on the same underground parking. Entrances of some of the central buildings are joined together into a common entrance lobby, set in a stylobate under a central block.  Apromenadeareaisarrangedinthecourts. Facades of the new buildings fit harmoniously into the historic development.

The first floor of the buildings includes:
–          built-in child daycare centre for 136 children;
–          entrance lobbies;
–          pram storage rooms (located on the first and second floors);
–          Homeowners Association’s office;
–          engineering and utility services rooms;
–          commercial and non-commercial premises;
–          garbage collection premises;
–          fitness center.

Landscaping of the adjacent territory of the buildings includes setting of six playgrounds for the child daycare centre, playgrounds and recreation centers for buildings’ residents. The recreation center is also located on the roof of the central building of the residential complex together with sports grounds.

The project provides for prohibition of the car entry in the courts, except special-purpose vehicles (fire vehicles, ambulance cars, etc.)

The complex indexes:
The site area – 27978, 89 sq.m,
The development area – 3751,52 sq.m
Total building area – 106087 sq.m
Total reconstructed building area – 9305 sq.m
The project provides for 1478 parking spaces.

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