Karvila. City on the River. Land Complex Development Project

Vsevolozhsky district, Leningradsky region

Project Year:

Project Status:

Project Customer: 
“Rocket Group” Management Company

Diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia of the “Zodchestvo 2015″ international festival  in the nomination  «Territory Development Complex Projects” of the “New Town Planning” review competition. The award was given to the project customer – “Rocket Group” Management Company

S.Oreshkin– Project Manager,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
E.Oreshkina, E.Belyat, P.Kochnev,
R.Yumagulova, M.Shalina,  E.Kretova,
V.Shlyaga, N.Palnikova, V.Ivanov,
D.Uraksin, A.Svetozarov, A.Khramova,
A.Shchetinin, M.Gimnazdinov, N.Timonin – Architects.

«Karvila»- is a new picturesque  comfort-class district located on the Okkervil river bank in Leningradsky region. The project attracts attention by singularity of its architecture, infrastructure and engineering solutions.  Comfortable  environment for life, leisure, sports, study and work will be arranged within the territory which will combine the urban lifestyle comfort with  surrounding nature landscapes.

Residential space total area is more than 1 million sq.m.

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  • nia says:

    Очень приятная атмосфера микрорайона! В таком хорошо жить семейным парам с детьми. Много зелени, есть своя замкнутая структура зданий. Интересно выглядит благоустройство территории – живописные дорожки, и газоны, и для всех видов спорта есть определенное место.

  • Olga Trofimenko says:

    там и зоопарк придумали! не знаю, насколько это реально, но почему бы и нет?..

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