Conception of Residential Complex in Tula

D.Ulyanova Street, Tula

Project Year:

Project Status:

A.Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva  – Project Chief Architect,
P.Kochnev, E.Belyat, D.Uraksin,
R.Umagulova, N.Palnikova, A.Khramova,
A.Svetozarov, M.Shalina – Architects.

A site for projecting is located in Privokzalny administrative district of Tula.  The territory is bounded on the east, west and south by an existing residential development;  not built-up land adjoins the territory on the north. The projecting site represents a valley bottom of  Serebrovski stream and has a considerable relief.  The P.P.Belousov Central culture and leisure park is located in the direct neighbourhood to the projecting site.

The project includes:
-          a multi-purpose commercial building with retail, administrative and sports use, including:
–          3 high-rise apartment buildings, located on a same podium;
–          pre-schoolinstitutions;
–          commercial premises;
–          office premises;
–          public catering;
–          grocery store;
–          fitness center withaswimmingpool;
–          buil-in covered multistorey parking lot;
–          outdoor parkingarea;
–          recreation area;
–          public utility site.

Architectural composition and proportions of the buildings are based on current design trends of contemporary architecture including original elements of traditional architectural patterns of Tula region.

The multi-purpose complex represents three two-section residential buildings, located on the same three-stepped podium with built-in commercial premises, divided with an inner retail zone, which peculiarity is the Serebrovski stream cascade.  Total apartment’s area on one floor in a section is less than 500 sq.m.

A commercial premises and parking lot roof is accessible.  A technical level is projected above the residential floors. Residential buildings height from the ground to the top floor window sill equals less than 75 meters, to the top of the building is 80,7  meters. Commercial premises are projected on the basement and the first floor, the floors from 2 to 25 are residential with a common H1-type staircase. Each building is equipped with two 1000 kg load-carrying cantilevering  elevators, each elevator dimension is 1100×2100 mm, one is intended for fire brigades.

The complex’s indexes:
1. Site area – 29 800,0 sq.m/2,98 ha
2. Total apartments area –
53 266 sq.m
3. Projected quantity of residents – 1 766
4. Commercial premises area – 13 255 sq.m
5. Total quantity of parking boxes – 585

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