District Development Competitive Project. First Place Award

Raised beach of Vasilievsky Island, St.Petersburg

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Glorax Development

First Place Award of the International competition for development of the architectural and town planning concept of the raised beach of Vasilievsky Island development. The Prize has been won together with KCAP Holding B.V. & Orange Group of Companies.

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
E.Oreshkina, E.Belyat, P.Kochnev, V.Ivanov, R.Yumagulova,
M.Shalina, A.Svetozarov, M. Gimnazdinov, N.Timonin,
A.Khramova, A.Uspenskaya, D. Uraksin  – Architects.

Press release Saint Petersburg 17 December 2015 The Saint-Petersburg Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture has announced the results of the International architectural contest. The results of the International contest for an architectural concept of the Vasilievsky alluvial territories development have been summed up.. The contest was conducted under the aegis of the Saint-Petersburg Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture with Glorax Development as a Customer. Glorax Development is planning to develop plots on alluvial territories of the Vasilievsky Island jointly with “Renord-Invest”. The Jury deliberated and agreed that the project performed by the Dutch architect bureau KCAP Architects&Planners + ORANGE Architects is a powerful concept. However, some aspects of the concept, especially the suggested siluette of the development line and formation of artificial channels, were onsidered as contentious. The Russian bureau “A.Len”, in its turn, presented an ideologically similar concept with a number of outstanding and positive solutions. With this in view the first place was divided between two architect bureaus – Dutch consortium KCAP Holding B.V. & Orange and Russian “A.Len”. It was no easy choice for us as all the participants presented very impressive and memorable approaches. As a result, we made, as it seems, a compromise decision and divided the first place between the Dutch and Russian teams. It was important for us to ensure that the concept would enable the project to move ahead and, at the same time, would not bring about serious violations of existing standards, or amendments in Saint-Petersburg approaches to urban planning solutions, including those related to proprietary interest. But I would still recommend the Customer to look at all the projects attentively and use an unprecedented chance of elaborating very interesting solutions. The project of such level requires a well-tested approach of European countries – realizing ideas of different architects in one concept and reaching the synergy effect as a result”, – said Vladimir Grigoriev, Chairman of the Contest Jury, Chairman of the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture, Chief Architect of Saint-Petersburg when summing up the contest results. “As developers we chose a robust concept suggested by KCAP Architects&Planners + ORANGE Architects, but, since this project requires a serious elaboration and adaptation to the RF construction standards and Saint-Petersburg urban planning norms, they need to work jointly with local architects. The A.Len project has been performed in a similar format and is more elaborated in respect of urban planning norms. The Jury made an absolutely correct decision to unite the efforts of both teams and continue implementing the KCAP Architects&Planners + ORANGE Architects concept with the help of the Russian adapter represented by “A.Len” who have already had positive experience of working on alluvial territories”, – said Alexey Balykin, Glorax Development General Director commenting on the contest results. “This victory is a great honor and a tremendous opportunity to us. I am looking forward to cooperating with the Russian company because we understand very well that development and implementation of the project will require compliance not only with Russian standards and norms but also with national and urban cultural traditions. It is a huge responsibility but we are ready to undertake it”, - concluded Jeroen Schipper, an architect of the ORANGE Architects. During the round table devoted to the development of territories and held at the time of summing up the results of the International design contest the experts highly appreciated the importance of the Globax Development initiative to hold a contest of international scale. “We should not underestimate the importance of such practice because it enables to find effective solutions. It is especially important when discussing territories in question. The alluvium on the Vasilievsky Island is a very important and attractive part of the city shaping its face. The architects will have to use all the advantages of this unique area and create a momentous project fully reflecting high urban planning capacity”, said Nikolay Pashkov, Knight Frank Saint-Petersburg General Director. “We have had a long discussion as to what contemporary Petersburg architecture should be like. Our joint work with Dutch colleagues will be a further step in this direction. Together we will try to find a language that will fully conform to the marine fa?ade of the city” said Sergey Oreshkin, leader and chief architect of “A.Len” architect bureau. Alexey Balykin, in his turn, remarked that announcing an international design contest the company tried not only to find the most impressive and optimal architectural solution for its objects but also to set the level for developers of adjacent territories. “If our neighbors pick up this process and compete with us and between themselves for the quality of architecture it will be a win-win situation because it will make the territory much more popular and attractive for investors. This territory will become one of the main points of Saint-Petersburg economic growth,” he concluded. “This competition is one of the most significant events in the architectural life of Saint-Petersburg in recent time. It is interesting to note that the participants worked within a very tough frame line set by the benchmark data and the terms of reference. The result is a number of outstanding ingenious projects with very diverse approaches. I believe that the contest has been a success. The contest is not only a competition but, undoubtedly, a research as well, which will be used in the further implementation of the project. I would like to thank the participants for ideas and inspiration, fruitful work and devotion. In December 2015 we are planning to publish the contest catalogue describing the project idea, competition process and contest results presented as a sample of materials from contest works”- said Timur Bogdanenko, Secretary of the contest, (TOPMARK). “Looking at the territory under contest you begin to realize that several approaches are needed here at one and the same time: urban planning, architectural view and design. A very interesting and diverse environment is to be created here” – stressed Maria Pidodnya, an associated partner for Russian projects in KCAP Architects&Planners.   For reference: The contest was announced in September. Applications were submitted by famous architect bureaus each of whom has international experience and is widely known through its projects: Aedas RHWL Ltd., AHR Architects Ltd., Cino Zucchi Architetti Srl, de Architekten Cie. International B.V., Eddea Arquitectura y Urbanismo S.L.P./Atlantic Platform S.L., KCAP Architects&Planners + ORANGE Architects , Maxwan Architects + urbanists B.V., MLA+ B.V., Snohetta AS, Why Art Projects S.L., ООО”Architect bureau “Ostozhenka”, ООО “Architect firm “Studio 44”. For the second stage the following were invited: ООО “Architect firm “Ostozhenka”, ООО “Architect firm “Studio 44”, Snohetta AS (Norway), Cino Zucсhi Architetti Srl (Italy) as well as architect bureau “A.Len” and KCAP Architects&Planners + ORANGE Architects who were recognized as winners. On December 15, the building of the Saint-Petersburg Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture housed the presentation of projects for the comprehensive development of six alluvial territories close to the new Saint-Petersburg passenger port. Original concepts were presented by 6 teams who have passed through qualification among 15 Western and Russian architectural teams and have developed a contest assignment for two months:

  • Architect bureau “Studio 44” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  • Architect bureau “A.Len” (Saint=Petersburg, Russia))
  • Architect bureau “Ostozhenka” (Moscow, Russia)
  • Cino Zucchi Architetti (Milano, Italy)
  • KCAP Architects&Planners + Orange Architects (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Sn?hetta (Oslo, Norway)

Alltheprojectshavebeensubjectedtothepreliminaryexamination – expertsmadeaqualificationcheckastothecompliancewiththeTermsofReferenceandeffectivestandards. The presentation was held in an open format and was attended not only by the contest participants but by Saint-Petersburg architects and reporters as well. The participants presented their ideas and answered questions asked by the jury members that was composed as follows:

  • Vladimir Grigoriev – Chief Architect of Saint-Petersburg, Chairman of the Jury
  • Vicenete Guallart – Chief Architect of Barcelona in 2011-2015, founder of the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia (IAAC);
  • Jury Zemtsov – architect, head of the Architect bureau “Zemtsov, Kondiyan and Partners”, Professor of the State Academic I.E. Repin Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture
  • Evgeniya Marinets – Head of the Department of Architect Council, Moscow Committee of Architecture;
  • Michiel Riedijk – architect, partner of Neutelings Riedijk Architects (Rotterdam), Professor of Architecture, Techniucal University, Delft;
  • Oleg Romanov – architect, head of the “Romanov Architect Studio”, President of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Architects;
  • Sergey Choban – head of the SPEECH architect bureau;
  • Alexey Balykin – General Director, Glorax Development
  • Alexey Matorin – Head of Development Department, Glorax Development.

  Glorax Development, part of Glorax Group, is a holding set up in May 2014 by Andrey Birzhin, founder of Tekta Group, which is among the five largest developers of the Moscow Oblast. The company has distributed over 500 000 square meters of residential and commercial real estate in the Moscow region. The core business of the company is development of residential real estate. The regions of its presence are Saint Petersburg and the Moscow oblast. The portfolio of future projects contains some 800, 000 square meters The territory under contest includes quarters №№ 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 with the total area of 15 hectares within the Neva Bay of the Finnish Gulf, to the wets of the Vasilievsky Island, and is directly bordering the passenger port, which serves as a marine gate to Saint-Petersburg. Estimated technical-and-economic indices of the project: –                     Total area – 450,000 square meters –                     Residential area – 170,000 squaremeters –                     Commercial premises – 130,000 square meters Therealestateontheseterritorieswillhaveauniqueviewandecology. Transport accessibility will be ensured through metro stations and part of the Western high-speed diameter. A set of buildings on alluvial territories must become a city architectural landmark. The beginning of the construction is projected for late 2016. The implementation of the entire large-scale project will take about 8 years. KCAP Architects&Planners deals in urban planning projects, landscape design, architectural projects and interior design. The bureau was founded in 1989 in Rotterdam by architect Kees Christiaanse. Now it has branches in Zurich and Shanghai. The archives of the bureau contain 300 projects 150 of which were implemented in Netherlands, Germany, China and other countries. ORANGE Architects is a multidisciplinary design bureau. Its profile is architecture, interior design, urban planning and project management. It was set up in 2010 by Michiel Hofman, Patrick Meijers and Jeroen Schipper. The offices are located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Netherlands). “Architect Bureau “A.Len” was founded in 1991. The profile of the bureau includes architectural engineering and post-project management. “A.Len” has a great experience of working jointly with leading foreign design companies from Austria, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. Their office is in Saint Petersburg. “A.Len” has designed port facilities on alluvial territories. Further information: Anna Shishkina shishkina@glorax.com

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