Aparthotel. Hersonskaya and Alexandra Nevskogo Streets Intersection, Central District, St-Petersburg

Bld.43/12, Litt.A.B.V, Khersonskaya Street, Bld.8, Litt. P, Alexandra Nevskogo Street, Central District, St.Petersburg

Project year:

Project Status:

Bronze Diploma of the «Architecton 2015» architectural review-competition 

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
E.Oreshkina, E.Belyat, P.Kochnev, O.Safronova, N.Palnikova – Architects


The building presents orthogonal volume that is located along Khersonskaya Street, with it’s short fa?ade facing the corner of Alexandra Nevskogo and Khersonskaya Streets.

The building volume creates two inner comfortable yards that are connected with each other by arches. Varied paving inside these yards that is crossed by the green lawns and flower gardens creates additional comfortable space for the citizens.

The following commercial premises are included into the apartment-hotel complex (build-in the first floors):

a) Coffee shop
b) Restaurant
c) Bank with post office
d) Fitness center
e) Beauty salon
f) Net grocery store
g) Commercial premises

The underground single-level parking will be arranged for 151 car places. Parking entrance will be made from Khersonskaya Street side.

The apartments’ planning of all the floors starting from the second floor are made according to the contemporary requirements of comfort and ergonomics. The apartments are projected maximal double-sided. Bedroom zone is separated from the entrance zone.

The apartments of one and three rooms are located close to each other in order to be easily connected.

The apartment’s total area increases according to the floor.

The staircase and elevator nodes are situated far from the light front in the areas less attractive for residential premises location.

The accessible roof area will be made in the apartment-hotel building. Terraces are planned on the 9th, 11th and 13th floors’ roof for the luxury apartments.

The apartment’s fund is as follows:
1-room apartment – 21,8%
2-room apartment – 57,6%
3-room apartment – 20,6%

Constructive solutions:
Bearing constructions:
reinforced framing, monolithic concrete, on piled foundation with raft foundation; flat built-up roof, heat-insulated, accessible, inversion roof.
Inside cladding structures:
–  non-bearing brick walls, 1st floor – solid brick, 2nd floor and above – hollow brick with facing made of natural stone with fixation on ventilated fa?ade system;
– stained glass and planar glazing.

Techno-economic parameters:
Total area – 41904 sq m
Commercial total area – 3700 sq m
Parking total area – 3870 sq m
Apartments total area – 29183 sq m

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