The Cottage Project in Sestroretsk city. Grand Prix of the «Eurasian Award 2014» festival

Sestroretsk city, Kurortnyi District, St-Petersburg

Project Year:


Grand Prix of the «Eurasian Award 2014» festival,
Bronze Diploma of the «Glass in Architecture» competition (2013),
VOX POPULI I Degree Diploma of the «Golden Capital 2014» architectural rating,
I Place in the nomination «INTERIOR – ArchProject» of the open architectural competition «Beautiful houses — 2011».

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager
T.Kovalenko — Project Chief Architect
A.Vainer – Project Chief Engineer
E.Oreshkina, B.Lvovskyi, Y.Еvtushenko – Architects

Two-storey single-family house consists of two laconic volumes which intersect each other at right angles and form a dynamic composition. The sophisticated curved geometrical form of the second floor with the terrace along full house width provides the cottage an additional expression. The contrast appears via combination of the snow-white walls and full glazing with the dark surfaces of the exterior natural materials (stone and wood).

There are two buildings located on the territory: the single-family house and the maintenance block (garage, diesel generator set with the garden tools utility room). The single-family house is an L-shape building and it has the following basic size: 33.6m x 29.4m. The house is situated in the north-eastern part of the territory and develops an internal yard which opens to the South.

The building is two-storey with the semi-basement floor. The following areas are located there: leisure area, wine cellar, billiards, supportive and technical premises. The following areas are located on the 1st floor: entrance hall (lobby with the dressing area and the guests WC), public zone (the kitchen, the dining and the living room), area meant for the day-time amusements and the sports & rehabilitation block with the swimming pool (23,5m. length). The following areas are located on the 2nd floor: bedrooms with WC zone, dressing rooms and the cabinet. The landscape and environment flora and relief are reserved on the territory.

The main house idea is the integration of its interior premises into the territory landscape. The maximum integrate effect of the interior and exterior space is arranged by the non-stop exterior glazing line which determines the 1st and the 2nd floor perimeter. Gravity-free crystal glass constructions which reflect the sky and the surrounding nature also emphasize the object architectural solution and make the massive floor panels sail above the earth. Numerous points of visual interacting between the internal and external space are organized inside the house. This design forms the atmosphere of the surrounding nature continuity.

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