Wholesale Trade Building

Bld. 10K, Melnichnaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia

Project Year:

Construction Year:

Project Status:

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager,
T. Kovalenko – Project Chief Architect,
P. Kochnev, D. Zhegulina,
I. Ben-Ammar – Architects,
S. Kuzmin – Project Chief Engineer.

One-storey building with two-storey built-in Administrative and social complex and the attic-storey, with ventilation  chamber premises, without basement.

Building height  – 13.90 m.

Technical -and- economic indexes:
Wholesale storage premises area   – 3619 sq.m
Office premises area  – 282 sq.m
Corridor, loading hall – 655 sq.m
Transit area – 79 sq.m W/C – 21,6 sq.m
Building total area  – 4830 sq.m

Object structure:

  • acceptance and dispatch area;
  • completing and transportation area;
  • storage area;
  • administrative and social area;
  • technical premises.

Built-in Administrative and social complex:

1st floor:
· W/C;
· Administrative premises.

2nd floor:
· utility premises;
· administrative premises;
· W/C.

· ventilation chamber.

The main entarnce for the visitors is located from the parking lot side or from Proff.Kachalov Street side. Acceptance and dispatch is provided via lifting and rotable gates from Melnichnaya Street side. The building has one fire compartment. Built-in premises are separated from the storage area by the fire-protection partition ЕI45.

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