Business Center and «Park Inn» Hotel. Pulkovo Airport

The Project is provided in cooperation with Ramboll Group and Grimshaw Architects

Bld.41A, Pulkovskoye Highway, St. Petersburg

Project Year:

Construction Year:


S. Oreshkin – Project leader
R. Andreeva – main architect of the project
O. Safronova, O. Legkova, E. Belyat, V. Ivanov – architects
A. Weiner – main engineer of the project,
A. Gushchin — Photographer.

The unified complex includes the hotel buildings, the business center and the multilevel parkings. They are connected together and also with the buildings of the main passenger terminal “Pulkovo 1? and the station «Aeroexpress» by the glazed galleries.

The eight-storey hotel and the five-storey business center are designed on unified stylobate of the basement floor, forming composition from various forms, lines and materials – external walls of the hotel are faced with lining brick, the business center walls are faced with the stained glass glazing with drawing.

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