Hockey City Sport Complex for SKA Hockey Club

bocks 1-6, bld. 6, Rossiyskiy avenue, St.Petersburg

Project Year:

Construction Year:

Project Status:

ZAO “SKA Hockey Club”

- Silver Diploma of the “Golden Capital 2014” architectural rating (for the facades project)
– Silver Diploma of the “Golden Capital 2015” architectural rating (for the interiors project)
– Silver Diploma of the “Architecton -2016″ architectural review competition in nomination of «Built structure»
– The culture and arts Prize of Saint-Petersburg government in nomination of «Architecture»

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager
A.Weiner – Project Chief Engineer
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect
P.Kochnev, T.Kovalenko, M.Nukhina,
E.Oreshkina, E.Belyat, T.Gomonova, D.Uraksin, N.Barakova – Architects,
A.Gushchin — Photographer.

The Sports Complex is a fixed-site hockey center of the SKA sports club providing the following :

training process organization for the SKA hockey teams: MHL Junior Hockey League, KHL Kontinental Hockey league.
organization of the ice-hockey competitions for MHL teams and also for the home matches of KHL teams on the ice arena with the spectators tribunes for 1000 seats;
sports services provision for the citizens at fitness halls, multi purpose hall and on open flatworks;
organization of the public skating on the skating rink with tribunes while it’s free of hockey competitions;
organization of the cultural & entertainment events on the ice arena with tribunes for 1000 seats;
organization of the KHL and MHL sportsmen accommodation during national team training in the sportsmen accommodation block of a hotel type for 84 places.

Flatwork includes the  following objects:
– small football field,
– basketball field,
– tennis court,
– mono-module — multi purpose ground for skateboarding and roller- skates,
– run track.

For the training process organization the project’s solutions provide for the following objects: ice fields, hockey training center, fitness gyms, multi-purpose sports hall.

For medical services provision for sportsmen such as current medical monitoring, medical and pedagogical monitoring, first aid treatment, rehabilitation procedures — the medical rooms are arranged along with medical procedures rooms on the 1st floor and medical block meant for 50 visitors a day on the 2nd floor.

The following objects are also planned within the complex:
- sportsmen temporary accommodation block,
- restaurant for 150 seats,
- cafe for 45 seats,
- administrative & office block,
- SKA hockey club museum with open exposition located in the 2nd floor vestibule,
- conference-hall.

Plot total area-  76 742.0 sq.m
Coverage - 16700.0 sq.m
Complex total area including basement — 34750.0 sq.m
Constructional volume — 251681.0 cu. m

The building volumetric and planning solution is determined by it’s main functional purpose — covered sports arena meant for the hockey training and home competitions . It is also made in accordance with the surrounding buildings mainly presented by orthogonal form residential houses.

The sports building architectural image is created by the artistic design of the facade surface and formation of the window/stained-glass openings: the system of the slope direct lines of the windows and stained-glass windows’ reveals, their intersections add dynamics to the static volume of the building. White color and the surface of the ceramic granite exterior finish create associative bond with the ice arena.

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  • Крылов says:

    Красивое здание. На территории комплекса уже во всю гуляет народ.Многие фотографируются – хороший признак признания.

  • Анна Светлова says:

    Эффектно смотрится подсветка. Только её пока редко включают.

  • vassa says:

    так сам комплекс только для СКА или будут пускать простых нас?

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