«Park Inn» Hotel Complex in Yaroslavl City

Bld.3, Pavlika Morozova St., Yaroslavl city

Project Year:

Construction Year:

Project Status:

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager
A.Weiner – Chief Engineer,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect
V.Sosnin – Project Chief Engineer
O. Legkova, O. Smirnova – Architects
I.Beskhlebniy – Protographer

The object structural morphology is based on implementing of laconic forms with rhythmic and metrical facades division by glazed surfaces.  Due to this solution the building fits harmoniously into the surrouning environment. This creates modern architectural ensemble  with the existing landscape of the park area.

The hotel complex presents 12-13 storey building with basement, orthogonal in plan. The building has two-storey addition located from the Pavlika Morozova Street side.

Vertical planning is used due to the existing relief conditions, considering the building constructive requirements.

The hotel complex includes the following objects:

– in the basement – technical premises, staff service premises, housekeeping area;
– on the 1st floor – entrance group premises, restaurant, bar, restaurant production premises;
– on the 2nd floor  – premises meant for public events for the hotel guests;
– 3rd and 13th floors  – technical premises meant for the engineering networks layout;
– on the 4-12th storeys the hotel rooms are located; 19 single rooms are situated on each floor; staff premises, housekeeping area.

Building total area – 10676,8 sq.m
– basement total area – 809,3 sq.m
– building overground part total area – 9867,5 sq.m
Rooms total number – 171 rooms
Rooms total area – 4189,5 sq.m
Building constructional volume – 40121,9 cu.m

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