New building of the Contemporary Art State Center on Khodunskoe Pole

Estate 38A, Khoroshevskoe highway, Khodunskoe Pole, Moscow, Russia

Project Year:


S.Оreshkin – Project Manager
R.Andreeva — Project Chief Architect
B.Lvovskyi, D.Zhegulina, I.Prokopenko – Architects

While designing the new Contemporary Art State Center our team searched for inspiration in the Russian suprematism – one of the most important periods in the Russian art history of the 20th century. Within this project we redefine the suprematism values and forms and transform two dimensional works of art into the three dimensional composition. As the result of our architectural suprematism improvisations we designed a building which consisted of the simple volume figures connected by the gallery-passages. The territory meant for this project is circled along the perimeter by the membrane-wall from the outside world.

Such a laconic building membrane associates with an empty canvas and emphasizes the contrast between simple exterior form and sufficiency of the inside volumes. The inside continuing membrane is rises up above the entrance zone as the real curtain which opens the very composition to the visitors.

Each complex volume has it’s own function: the main public area, exhibition area, art collections center, staff premises, creative residences. The enclosed perimeter principle which makes the building uncovered from above allows to arrange the landscaped roofs of the main blocks and to develop a park on the whole center territory. This develops an opened zone and at the same time – an isolated one. The public zone is meant for large-scale sculptures and modern installations exhibiting. Modern art being exhibited outside as well as inside the building develops a new type of “alive and opened museum & exhibition space” which changes according to the exposition.

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