Interiors of elevator halls in residential complex «Russian Avant-Garde»

«Troitsky» residential district, Voronezh

Project Year:

Project Status:

Khamin’s Group of Companies


Architectural concept:
Architectural bureau “A.Len” and OOO «VDK»

S.Oreshkin  – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva  – Project Chief Architect,
D.Lepin, M.Gimnasdinov, D.Uraksin, K.Tyazhkova,
E.Kuznetsova, V.Shlyaga, O.Stepanova— Architects.

Interior project of elevator halls in residential complex “Russian Avant-Garde” is based on paintings of avant-garde artists of the beginning of 20th century, such as Malevich, Kandinsky, Burlyuk, Shagal, Goncharova, Larionov, and others. One painting is for each section. Painting reproductions occupy the whole wall in front of elevators. A colour scheme of paintings determine colour base of hall walls and entrance canopies as well.

Paintings are “pixelized” with coloured bricks as if they were stretched to pixels thus beholders could enter inside the painting and dig into its atmosphere, looking at this painting on the wall at the same time.

You can find more information about the project in the article «Unexpected Avant-Garde» using the link .

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