SKA Sports complex hotel interiors

Site 28, Latyshskikh Strelkov Street, Saint-Petersburg

Project Year:

Planning term of construction completion:

Project Status:
Under construction

Construction project owner:
Hockey club SKA» CJSC

Silver Diploma of Architectural competition «Golden Capital 2015»

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
A. Weiner – Project Chief Engineer,
P. Kochnev, T.Kovalenko, M. Nukhina, E. Oreshkina, E. Belyat, D. Uraksin – Architects.

Interior solutions of a 4-storey hotel for 140 guests is supported by mutual style of SKA sports complex, determined by entirety of the complex, which includes a sportsmen’s part-time residence block. At the same time hotel has its own individuality.

You can follow the construction process in our blog.

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