Sports Center in the Krasnodar Region

Krasnodar Region, Russia

Project Year:

Project Status:

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
E. Oreshkina, E. Kretova, P. Kochnev – Architects.

The sports center building presents a composition of two cubic shape volumes, put into each other on the principal of nesting doll: white “rind” – on the top, dark volume – inside, flowing into the terrace.

Prominent inserts with wavy pattern creates sea, waves and relaxation image. The wall, facing football field of the center, is made of floor-to-ceiling windows and affords a view on a playground and swimming pool.

There are two swimming pools – for sportsmen and for children – outside along the building on the ground floor. Administrative and household premises include locker rooms for men and women with WC and showers, dining area, administrative premise and utility services room.

There are two big and two small gyms, medical treatment room and WC on the second floor of the center.

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4 коментариев

  • аноним says:

    Строительство еще не начали?
    а то смыло бы вчера под ноль
    стихия то разыгралась! ))
    Давайте — удачи!

  • admin says:

    Спасибо. Хотим построить, но пока только проект.

  • set says:

    Там уже все убрали!Можно строить.

  • admin says:

    Уже построили!

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