Medical Company Building Project in Gudayta, Republic of Abkhazia

Bamboura Settlement, Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

Project Year:

Project Status:

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva  – Project Chief Architect,
Yashkov – Architect

1st floor premises:

Reception desk
Chief Medical Officer’s room
Patients examination room
Household equipment storage room
Premise for dangerous hospital waste
Bandaging room
Derma-venereologist room
Phiseotheraphist room
Paraffin treatment room
Dirty clothes storage
Ophthalmologist room
Dark room
ENT-specialist room
ENT-medical treatment room
Medical company  commandant’s room
Commandant’s X-ray room
X-ray cloackroom
Medical treatment room
Additional premise
Control room
Ginecologist room with patients examination room
Feminine care room
Pediatrician’s room
Vaccination room
Dressing room
Cleaning appliances storage room
Staff premise
Staff cloackroom
Staff WC
Visitors WC
Isolation unit tambour
Isolation unit for 4 beds  (intestinal infection)
Isolation unit WC
Bandaging rooms
Surgeon’s room
Clean clothes storage room
Dental office therapeutic
Dental office surgery
Sterilization room for dental offices
Anesthesiologist room
Therapist room
Functional diagnostics room
Neuropathist room
Field equipment premise
Sterilization room
Washing room
Drug-store (materials)
Premise for potent drugs
Isolation unit tambour
Isolation unit for 4 beds (airborne infections)
Isolation WC
Distillation room

2nd floor premises:

Storage room for clean clothing
Staff room with cloackroom
Medical treatment room
Ward for 2 beds  – 3 rooms
Ward for 4 debs – 10 rooms
Dining room
Coffee room
Nurse’s area
WC with shower room  – 4 premises
Сlyster room
Staff premise
Premises for medical material research take off
Premise for medical analysis acceptance and result issue
Thermal room
Premise for primary isolation purposes
Premise for bacterioscopy
Sterile cabinet with entrance room
Storage room for dirty clothers
Storage room for patients’ staff keeping
Storage room for household equipment
Supply manager room
Chief nurse room
Doctors’ room
Premise fro dangerous medical waste temporary keeping
Media preparator room
Premise for chemical reagents and mediums keeping
Washing place
Autoclave room
Disinfective room
Sanitary & hygienic laboratory
Washing room, dishes storage room
Bandaging room

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