«Alarm-Motors» Car Dealership. Peugeot. Reconstruction

Bld. 21, Levashovsky Avenue, St. Petersburg

Project Year:

Construction Year:

Project Status:

Diploma of the “Golden Capital 2009″ international review-competition

S. Oreshkin – Project Manager,
A. Weiner – Project Chief Engineer,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
D.Kozlov, R.Maklakov – Architects,
A. Gushchin — Photographer.

The building is made without underground floor with the attic storey; it has two rectangles shape. The building frame is formed by metal constructions.

The dealership includes: showroom and service zone on the 1st floor; staff premises and caf? zone on the second floor. The open car parking is meant for 72 places.

The main clients’ access into the dealers center as well as the main entrance to the maintenance support station is made from Levashovskyi Prospect. The clients access to the attic storey is provided via the open staircase.

Form, materials and colour fa?ade solutions are designed in “high-tech” style according to the administration requirements on the Company’s Brand Style elements usage.

Territory area within land allotment borders – 1710,0 sq.m.
Built-up area – 996,0 sq.m.
Construction volume – 6687,0 sq.m
Building total square – 1184,5 sq.m

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