«Alarm-Motors KIA» Car Dealership on Savushkina Street. Reconstruction.

Bld.108, Savushkina Street, St.Petersburg

Project Year:

Construction Year:


S.Oreshkin  – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
A.Weiner  – Project Cheif Engineer,
V.Ivanov, E.Belyat, D.Kozlov – Architects,
A. Gushchin — Photographer.

The architectural view of the add-on part of the building is determined by KIA brand requirements in compliance with geometry special features of the existing building. Red colour of the composite panel,  ellipsoidal stained glass on the facades from Savushkina Street side and Primorsky Avenue side emphasizes logically the showroom zone against the background of the grey colour rest part of the building. Replanning is connected with the showroom total area increasing that occured due to the add-on part.

The add-on part of the building has separate monolithic reinforced concrete foundation that is connected with the existing one via expansion joint; overground part of the add-on premise is made of sandwich panels based on metal frame.

Site total area  – 4482.0  sq m
Development total area  – 2045.0  sq m.
including the add-on part total area  – 219.0  sq m

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