«Zenit» Football Club – Educational & Training Center

Mistolovo Settlement, Vsevolozhsk district, Leningrad Region

Project Year:


S. Oreshkin – project Manager,
R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
А.Weiner — Project Chief Engineer,
A. Yablokov, A. Nikandrov, E.Oreshkina — Architects

The existing sports facilities and buildings are kept safe on the sports base territory along with new buildings construction in order to increase the sports complex capacity and recreational conditions improvement for sportsmen rehabilitation.

The sports base territory (Site N7) is located in Primorsky district of St.-Petersburg within “UdelnyiPark” territory. The nearest metro station is “Udelnaua”; the nearest highways – Isputatelei and Bogaturskyi Prospects, Svetlanovskyi and Engelsa Prospects; “Udelnaya” and “Lanskaya” railway stations.

According to the sports base development concept the project provides for the sports complex capacity increase that will allow to carry out training process of the main “Zenit” football club team and the back-up team independently of each other. Recreational and rehabilitation conditions will also be improved due to construction of the administrative complex with health and rehabilitation block for the main team, The existing office & hotel complex will be passed to the back-up team.

The territory zoning will be resolved as follows: one part of it will be devoted to the main team (the south-eastern part of the area) and the other one – for the back-up team training process. Site N6 is planned for provision of the full range educational & training process with two football fields and the cloakroom; site N2 – for recreational & relaxation zone development for the sportsmen.

The following new buildings are planned for the main team:
– 2 existing football fields with natural lawn;
– 1 designed football field with natural lawn;
– 1 designed football field with artificial lawn;
– administrative block with health & rehabilitation center;
– Check & Control Point N1 with mass media premise;
– parking lot for the main team vehicles;
– warm up area for the main team.

The following buildings are meant for the back-up team:
– 1 designed football field with natural lawn;
– 1 designed football field with artificial lawn;
– 1 existing hotel complex;
– 1 reconstructed health & rehabilitation block;
– 1 designed cloakroom and fitness center;
– designed guests cloakrooms of a block-type;
– 1 existing Check & Control Point N2 with water metering unit.

The area between the pond and the FederalAlmazovMedicalResearchCenter is meant for the sportsmen’s relaxation and recreation zone. Gravel paths are planned within this zone with additional brushwood planting and also benches, pointer devices and trash bins.

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