Alla Pugacheva Songs Theatre, provided in cooperation with POPULOUS Architect Bureau (London)

The Project is created in cooperation with «Populous» Architect Bureau (The United Kingdom)

mouth of the Smolenka River, Vasilievskyi Island, St-Petersburg

Project Year:


D.Lavelle, S.Oreshkin — Project Managers,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
B.Lvovskyi — Architect

The project is a modern cultural and business center with a number of unique features. The theater has a big scene for carrying out large musical and cultural events. The covered winter garden, great number of the exhibition areas, which are able to contain several large expositions at the same time, cafe, restaurants, an extensive parking are provided.

The new building at the mouth of Smolenka River was made as an emphasis finishing architectural and town-planning composition. Light-coloured faceted volumes rise above water.Their integrity is maintained by the window apertures forming a chain. Elements of this chain increase incrementally in height.

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