Hotel Project. Bld. 7/9, Nevsky Avenue. The project is created in collaboration with «Lyteynaya chast-91» Architect Bureau

The Project is created in collaboration with «Liteynaya chast – 91» Architect Bureau

Bld.7-9 A, Nevsky Avenue, Saint-Petersburg

Project Year:

Construction Year:

Project Status:
under construction

S.Oreshkin — Project Manager
А.Weiner — Project Chief Engineer
Т.Kovalenko — Project Chief Architect
Е.Lubimova, А.Shakirova — Architects

Adaptation for hotel of the cultural heritage of federal importance object named «Wawelberg Trading Bank and apartments (St.Petersburg Trade bank) designed by the architect M.Peretyatkovich, in 1912 — is carried out according to the «A. Len» project. Restoration is provided by «Liteynaya chast — 91» Architect Bureau.

The total building area is 11853 sq.m. including the basement floor area, where the restaurant’s kitchen, the stuff’s premises, the pantry and the technical premises will be situated according to the architectural design. The inner court area is 206 sq. m.

The building has in plan a pentagonal form on its external contours and triangular inner atrium with multiple tabs inside courtyard in it’s corners. The building is six-storey (the sixth floor is an attic).

The building length along the Nevsky Avenue is 52 m, along Malaya Morskaya street – 55 m, length of fire wall which is perpendicular to the Nevsky Avenue is 21 meters, length of the fire wall along the Malaya Morskaya street is 42m.

Five available entrances from street facades have appeared after the reconstruction (there were 3 entrances before the reconstruction) and 6 entrances were arranged from the yard side. Also there are 5 staircases inside the building, 4 of them lead to the very last building floor, one leads till the 3-rd floor only. There are also 3 exits from the basement of the building.

Structurally the building consists of three parts (blocks) separated by staircases. Between three blocks of the building there is a courtyard. From the Malaya Morskaya street side there is the entrance into the courtyard (the arch). The basement premises are located under the courtyard and the passage.

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