Competitive Project of the Covered Sports Complex. I Place of the “SKA Hockey Club” competition

Site.28, Latishskih Strelkov Street, St.Petersburg

Project Year:


«SKA Hockey Club» Ltd.

S.Oreshkin – Project Manager,
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect,
P.Kochnev, T.Kovalenko, O. Safronova, M.Hukhina, V.Kulakova – Architects,
A.Weiner – Project Chief Engineer

«The HockeyCity» Project

The Project has won the I Place on the competition organized by “SKA Hockey Club” Ltd.

This project was meant to solve the strategic task in creation of the club modern infrastructure. This infrastructure will provide for the following sport life aspects: effective full range hockey-players training, team reserve formation, leadership positions increasing of the SKA team in the professional leagues.

The project provides for construction of the own modern SKA hockey club complex.

The Complex is organized for the full cycle training process, meal service, rehabilitation and accommodation of the SKA system teams; Youth Hockey League matchmaking, children’s and youth competitions and championships; organization of the educational and training process with accommodation for the SKA Children’s & Youth Olympic Reserve School.

The sports complex has two fields, universal gymnasium and the fitness centers. One ice field for 1500 spectators places is meant for competitions making, The other – is the SKA training arena.

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