Competitive Project of the Administrative Complex on Varshavskaya Street

Sector 1, Varshavskaya Street, St-Petersburg

Project Year:


S.Oreshkin – Project Manager
R.Andreeva – Project Chief Architect
A.Vainer – Project Chief Engineer
O.Safronova, B.Lvovskiy, P.Kochnev, E.Beliyat, A.Samorukov, D.Zhegulina, A.Khramova, M.Shalina – Architects

S.Oreshkin: “We did not want to use the classic architecture motives. However we understood that the competition jury will rather prefer architecture that appeals to classics but not a modern decision. We designed a metal transparent house-veil. All the organization departments were located inside this volume and formatted a very sophisticated atrium space.”

The building is covered with a transparent cubic volume – the metal net, including the stained-glass panel of three office blocks. The office volumes have a variable height. The internal triangle-shaped atrium goes through the building, with terraces designed around it. The atrium stained-glass constructions and the first floor glazing provide for airiness and dynamics of the building interiors.

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