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(Русский) С новым годом, господа!

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May be the problem is not in the architects but in audience? Dmitry Danilchuk,  art expert Negative attitude towards the modern Petersburg’s architects creativity consolidated in our city long time ago. Their works are often evaluated as untalented, construction sin, “monsters” that can only spoil the city. Usually such judgements are very categorical and some critics even want to see the authors panished for their architectural “crime”. Partly […]

YIT HOUSE. Residential Building on Chapaeva Street, Petrogradsky district, St-Petersburg

Location: Bld.16, Litt.A, Chapaeva Street, St-Petersburg Developer: YIT HOUSE Project Year: 2009-2014 Construction Year: 2014-2015 Awards: – the winner of the «Urban Awards 2014» in the nomination «The best business class residential complex under construction in St.Petersburg» – Golden Diploma of the «Architecton-2016» Authors: S.Oreshkin – Project Manager, A.Weiner – Chief Engineer, R.Andreeva – Project […]

Harbin. Opera. MAD

Opera building in Harbin, Northern China was build according to the MAD Architects’ Chinese studio project. In my view there is something wrong with bionic here, some of the perspectives are just inappropriate.

The Japanese have at last prevail over invincible Briton – Hadid

In the beginning of 2014 the Pritzker prize laureates – Toyo Ito and Fumihiko Maki – started the Internet signatures collection for petition in favour of Tokyo Olympic stadium against Zaha Hadid project. It seemed that compromise was founded in October of the last year when the Minister of Education of Japan announced the plans […]

District Development Competitive Project. First Place Award

Location: Raised beach of Vasilievsky Island, St.Petersburg Project Year: 2015 Project Status: project Customer: Glorax Development Awards: First Place Award of the International competition for development of the architectural and town planning concept of the raised beach of Vasilievsky Island development. The Prize has been won together with KCAP Holding B.V. & Orange Group of Companies. Authors: […]

Take a look at “Karvila. City by the River. Land Complex Development Project” at

follow the link below follow the link below

Запад тоже готов уничтожить то, что еще недавно истово охранял

В Нью-Йорке  США  еще в 2009 году власти задумали перестроить один из памятников американского функционализма 1960-х – здание  симфонического концерного Зала Дэвида Геффена Линкольн-центра. И вот сейчас после нескольких лет лондонская студия Heatherwick и канадская фирма Диамонд Шмитт ( та самая, что спроектировала здание 2-й сцены Мариинского театра в Санкт-Петербурге с очень противоречивой оценкой архитектуры […]