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Ср, 16:17: Три немецких проекта 1931 года. Дворей Советов. Москва.

Four German projects of 1931. Palace of Soviets. Moscow

Sometimes it is useful to look back in history. Walter Gropius, proposal for the Palace of the Soviets (1931)

(Русский) Новые фотографии жилого дома «Clever» на Краснопутиловской улице

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Project of the cottage in Samara has interested Chinese architectural website

Wellknown in China architectural website has published several A.Len projects. For the first publication website executives has chosen the project of the cottage in Samara Single family residential house in Samara – see at на сайте – see at  на сайте

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Пт, 20:08: За хорошую жилую архитектуру

For the fine residential buildings architecture

We publish an article, almost a manifest, of Dmitri Khmelnitski about what to do to form residential buildings architecture in Russia. What should be done to form fine residential buildings architecture in Russia? Architecture and town planning community in Russia has been discussing problems of residential buildings architecture improvement for many years. In my opinion […]

Мои твиты

Ср, 12:48: Пристрастия Ле Корбюзье. Ср, 18:42: Всё сказано. Ср, 19:08: Российские архитекторы в Милане «выгнули» свою «живую линию»