Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Sports & Health Complex

Location: New Okkervil Community, Kudrovo village, Leningradskyi region Project year: 2012 Phase: Project Authors: S.Oreshkin – Project Manager A.Nikandrov – Project Chief Architect E.Oreshkina, T.Kovalenko – Architects The multipurpose sports center building project for the new residential buildings in Kudrovo district has 66,0 х 77,0 m in plan. It opens the actual topic of economic […]

The Russian Science & Culture Center in Kabul. Tatlin’s Award, Grand Prix «Zodchestvo 2012»

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan Project Year: 2012 Phase: Project Awards: – Tatlin’s Award 2012, «Golden Sign» Award 2012, – Grand Prix of the contest «Zodchestvo 2012», – Silver Diploma of «The Golden Capital 2014» architectural rating, – VOX POPULI Diploma of  «The Golden Capital 2014» architectural rating, – ARHKRITIKOV Diploma of «The Golden Capital 2014» architectural […]

The Nizhny Novgorod regional courthouse

Location: Site between Studencheskaya Street and Oka ramp, Nizhnyi Novgorod city Project Year: 2012 Awards: Bronze Diploma of the «Architecton-2013» review competition Authors: S.Oreshkin – Project Manager, R. Andreeva – Project Chief Architect, A.Weiner – Project Chief Engineer; E. Oreshkina, V. Ivanov, E. Belyat – Architects Balance between the modern solutions and the classic sense […]